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  • Wealthy Affiliate is more than a business that you buy into and off you go - with no idea what you are doing or how you actually make money. Wealthy Affiliate offers you full access to a site full of members who are willing to help you out and more information than you will know what to do with - I am still trying to work my way through all the information I have at my finger tips when I sign in to Wealthy Affiliate!
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    Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to a step by step 8 week course - this course will get you up and running with your own action plan. You will also have access to research tools, writing tools and the best part is the forum!
    The Wealthy Affiliate Forum gives you all answers you will ever need when it comes to online business and affiliate marketing - the reality is if you have a question someone will have had the same question before you and you will be able to see answers from real people who have been there done that!
    Remember these people are just like you and me - they came across Wealthy Affiliate one day and are now making a real success of it using the same information that you will have access to!
    If you prefer think of it as a new job - you start and you know nothing, you are given information like a 'how to' guide, people to help you and show you how to do everything and then one day it all just 'clicks' and you realize you know what you are doing and even better is you are making money of your own!
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are You Ready To Start Your Home Based Business?

There are all types of people in this world. Everyone of us is unique in one way or another. We all look different, we have different hobbies, likes, dislikes, and most of all we have varied skills and learning abilities. Our uniqueness is what makes each of us special. The ability to make decisions and take responsibility for our actions is what really sets an entrepreneur apart from everybody else with a desire for a home based business. Making the decision to start your own home based business is just the beginning of a long, fun, exciting and sometimes frustrating journey. Are you ready? With the Internet being such a prolific venue for anyone desiring to have their own home based business, it's no wonder so many people have shelled out hundreds and thousands of dollars for their dream – a successful home based business – only to have that dream turn into a nightmare. You may or may not have been one of those that started a home based business only to find out there is more to a work at home business than just putting up a website and waiting for the money to come rolling in. If you haven't been told before, let me say it now - It doesn't work that way. Running a successful home business takes planning, hard work and yes, even money. You may have heard that you can start your own home business and make a fortune for no money. That my friend is a myth! Before you start your own home based business you absolutely MUST look before you leap. A home based business requires the same dedication, hard work and ingenuity as any other brick and mortar business. Do you have a business Plan? Without a "blue print" of what you envision your home business to be and a path forward to get there, all your hard work may be for nothing. You need to have a business plan and you must research the niche that you are planning on making your fortune in. You must know what your business is all about and what it is going to take to make it a success. You must have a positive attitude. Your home based business will succeed or fail, depending on how you approach it. Regardless if you work your home business full time or part time, you must always do everything in a positive manner. Your should always remember and believe that your home business is a business, it is not a hobby. Thinking of your home business in any other way could set you up for failure. Set yourself up a balanced schedule. To achieve a balanced schedule, you need to sit down and actually write out a schedule to follow on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Set up specific periods of time for your business. When your schedule shows it's time to work, do nothing else but work on your business. You will also set aside time for your family on your schedule. After all, isn't more time with your friends and family a benefit of having your own business? Put in time for your hobbies, go fishing, ride your Harley, whatever you feel like. You absolutely must have some free fun time. Like the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...Follow your schedule. Learn everything you can about your products or service: Whether you are selling affiliate programs, software, PLR/MRR products or a service that you can offer, such as television repair, auto repair, the bottom line is you must be considered an expert or at least very knowledgeable. The more you know and the better you are able to articulate to others your knowledge, the more respect within your niche area you will receive. When you are considered the best, Word-of-Mouth advertising can do wonders for your bank account. Purchase a good domain name: You have already done your research and you know what products you are going to sell, you now have to get one of the most important items for your new home based business. You need to "name" your business. Your domain name is one of the very first things people will see and it will be their first impression of you. Make a good first impression. Set up your payment options: Many home based businesses will already have some sort of payment option set up on ready made websites. However, especially for individuals that may be new to Internet Marketing, I would suggest starting off with PayPal. It is one of the most popular payment processing systems around. STUDY, STUDY, STUDY AND DID I MENTION – STUDY? You can never learn too much when it comes to setting up, running and maintaining your home based business. There are a ton of books in both hard copy and digital available for you to become an expert in your field in a very short period of time. Start off with the free eBooks you may find. They have excellent information for the beginner or those that just wish to refresh their knowledge. You don't have to spend $197 for an eBook when you don't even understand the basic fundamentals. Finally: Take your time, be patient, don't get down on yourself if you aren't the next Internet Millionaire in 30 days or less. Think about this, Microsoft(tm)started out in a small garage and took many years to become what it is. An overnight success story according to the newspapers and television – yet, that overnight success took 7-10 years to attain. Be patient, and you too could become the next "overnight success". .......... hello pat gray here, the reason i posted this is because this is a true story, a home based biz is hard work and getting your hands a little dirty, but with GLOBAL CASH NETWORKS the key word that is left out is TEAM! they work with you to help you learn and make it a fun job!.
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Hello, my name is patrick gray. im 41 years old, married to a wondreful wife and have two great kids, both boys. ive been married for 10 years and live in iowa. i drive a truck for a living and stay away from my family for weeks at a time, last year,08 i stayed out a total of 49 weeks but came thru the house everyonce in a while. I had to work to pay the bills, it gets very cold in the winter here and the house is kinda cold, its an older house... im a normal person trying to keep a roof over my family and make sure they have food to eat...It get pretty lonely out here sometimes and i get the blues. well i want to tell you about a gods honest work at home job i found. first i wana tell you that there is not a get rich over nite job out there! it all comes down to getting your hands dirty and pure sweat, but... i came across this from a freind on the road, i have always wanted to stay at home more with the kids, i have missed them growing up and games, (im gona make mysely cry if i dont stop thinking about it)and im just teird of it!!I started working with these great people and its working out great!I have to put in a few hours a week but thats all part of the game. Soon i will be stoping at home more often and after my online job a better jump... i will be at every game!! If you are looking for a real,honest work at home job? well this is a close as you can get. Its real... The staff are there when you need them and i love them. they have made my goal in life a dream come true.Thank everyone who has read this and god bless each and everyone of you.. hope to see you soon with this great company.

patrick gray

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